Natural Dyeing

Natural Dyeing was one and only method to color textile products until the chemical industry innovated synthetic dyestuffs at the initial days of 19th century.

Fruits, leaves, roots, bark, hulls, flowers of natural plants and some insects, sea snail were the color sources for natural dyeing method.

"Be witness to the power of plants."

When tradition meets innovation

We are decreasing our foot print by using natural elements for dyeing processes to create a totally sustainable fashion.

For being a part of circular economy, we came up with the idea of natural dyeing,“ Heritage by Elyaf®”

Why is HERITAGE by Elyaf® sustainable?

Less water

Natural dyeing method is 50% shorter than regular dyeing method.

Less energy

Natural dyeing consumes less energy compared to regular dyeing method.

No chemicals

The hazardous chemicals are not used. Only non restricted and biomordants are used.