Energy Policy

Elyaf Tekstil San. ve Tic. A.Ş is a corporation that primarily aims to reduce its energy consumption and expenditures, raise its environmental and economic sustainability in the long term with the purpose of energy efficiency in manufacturing and in its all transactions.

In this respect;

  • Set by our board members, with participation of our employees; we aim to reach goals that are compatible with our Energy Policy, to take actions in order to achieve these goals and to provide required sources,
  • To use raw materials and energy resources efficiently for the protection of natural resources, to fight against the climate crisis,
  • During all processes, to continuously increase energy performance values including energy efficiency and intensity.
  • To comply with all energy-related legislation and to perform our legal duties,
  • To maximize with participation of Renewable Energy sources in energy usage,
  • To use energy-efficient products in order to improve the performance of energy, to purchase services and to ensure that relevant design studies are carried out or supplied,
  • To always improve our Energy Administration System, to document it, to announce it to all branches, to review it and to make sure it’s up-to-date,
  • To contribute in raising the awareness of our suppliers as well as the training of all our employees on energy saving.
  • To institute effective correspondence with all partners in order to create common value and profitable results on Energy Management related issues,


Are committed by us as our Energy Policy.